Numerology & Karma – Recognizing Objectionable Past Lifetime Steps Via Karmic Financial debt Quantities

Don’t worry that you have been a foul individual in earlier lives should you
have a number of of the figures thirteen, 14, 16, and 19 in vital
positions inside your numerology charts. These figures are
“Karmic Personal debt Numbers.” Absolutely everyone has experienced their share of
lifetimes after they weren't so awesome. Karmic Financial debt figures
relate strongly to spiritual classes.
Some may question, why thirteen, 14, 16, and 19, Why don't you twelve, 15,
17, and eighteen, or 31, 32, 34, and 37 for example? It’s since
by aim empirical study (like our have)
more than eons, People quantities have consistently proven to
specifically relate to A great deal greater than regular adversity and
Aid for this theory is obtained by corroborating
information within the thorough historic and fashionable
astrology charts of anyone who has Karmic Financial debt
Figures. For illustration, it’s very common for an individual
with considerable about-well balanced fourteen Power (e.g., 14 in one
or even more major chart positions) to obtain patterns of
unhealthy extra while in the astrology charts, which include a
closely afflicted Jupiter, For example.
Handwriting Evaluation delivers more backing.
Overindulgence, to employ the same example, is noticed
by means of graphology by one or more (ideal to acquire at
the very least two to 3 features heavily represented in a minimum of
a fifty percent webpage sample) of the next characteristics: variable
slant of composing; far too slack/sagging connectives involving
letters; concave t-bars; slant of crafting to the intense
ideal, along with heavy pen pressure; lengthy, needle pointed
ends of reduce-zone letters including p, g, and y; thick,
muddy-seeking, shaded script; really large strain;
erratic baselines; erratic movement; irregular middle
zone measurement (including in which the letters e, o, a, n, and so forth. reside);
weakly crossed t-bars; and plenty of Other folks.
We insist on employing a fancy technique of checks and
balances within our delineation and predictive perform,
like extensive historical and modern day astrology,
ancient and contemporary numerology, handwriting Evaluation,
past life regression, future progression, and intuitive
Witnessing various indications lining up such as dials
with a slot equipment jackpot supporting a certain Idea
(like the timing of a rewarding love relationship
concerning a appropriate pair) permits a better degree
of certainty.
Karmic Debt Numbers symbolize unfinished business enterprise
from earlier incarnations and also a heightened ought to stability
certain energies. They frequently perfectly represent the
explanations guiding daily life’s problems.
The following are common spots in everyday life the place Karmic
Financial debt Numbers, in various chart positions, suggest noteworthy
problems: profession; reputation and graphic; desires and
needs; adore relationships; spouse and children, wellbeing, funds, and
much more.
To what degree and when karmic classes, tied to Karmic
Credit card debt Numbers, are encountered is related to vital (typically
matching) cyclical timing. To put it differently, particular
cyclical timing areas (amounts of time) symbolically
supply fertile “harvesting” ground for all times functions and
situations noted by Karmic Credit card debt Figures.
It’s correct to convey that it is entirely probable to determine what
a long time and months, through detailed historical and
modern astrology and numerology, in anyone’s daily life that
he or she is fated to fulfill their most pressing lifetime
dilemmas. This consciousness allows just one to program and prepare.
The symbolic forces of every quantity (well balanced, beneath-
balanced, and about-balanced) keep on being precisely the same, however
Each individual placement (over four hundred in our own charting
techniques) in the detailed charts has a special
effects. For that reason, the numbers are even more defined by
their positions. Styles, consisting of numbers in
several positions (facets), replicate persona and
life situation and events.
Acquiring the quantity 19 outstanding within your charts, as
the Working day of Beginning posture as an example, simply just implies
that you (your soul, not your individuality) selected, just before
incarnating, To place plenty of Electrical power toward balancing that
style of Vitality With this specific life span.
We estimate that more than 50 percent of the populace has Karmic
Personal debt Figures popular within their charts. The Working day of Birth
placement is among a number of significant chart positions exactly where
Karmic Credit card debt Quantities are sometimes observed.
Occasionally the variety 19 relates more to beneath-well balanced
19 Power, for example dependency and isolation, and other
instances it’s additional connected to in excess of-well balanced 19 Power, these kinds of
as intolerance, theft, and aggression. It’s probable for any
man or woman to swing between above and underneath-balanced Vitality,
as indicated by the remainder of the charts’ personality elements
and cyclical timing.
The range 19, or any number as any aspect of the charts,
have to be thought of in relation to the other figures/features
to gain total knowledge.
Recognize that some Karmic Debt Figures, dependent on their own
positions and the rest of the charts’ contents, Have a very Substantially
more potent relevance than Other folks.
Underneath is an excerpt from the information provided with our
Numerology Decoder Software package, which is simple to use and
provides you with good Perception about yourself and Other people, to offer
you a clearer concept of the Electrical power represented by Karmic Debt
Karmic Financial debt Figures
Numerology Decoder Software package the right way calculates Karmic
Debt Numbers. Karmic Financial debt Figures incorporate the subsequent
quantities: thirteen, fourteen, 16, and 19. These numbers are seriously
connected with inherent issues and symbolize Electricity
that may be greatly Vanredno skolovanje in need of balancing.
Details about Each and every in the Karmic Credit card debt Figures
thirteen, fourteen, sixteen and 19:
thirteen: thirteen is usually an extremely potent quantity representing
transformation and achievement, but it usually symbolizes
immaturity, insufficient seriousness, degeneration,
irresponsibility, trivial and idle disposition, self-
indulgence, inefficiency, negligence, carelessness,
extravagance, waste, verbal abuse, dishonesty,
inflexibility, restriction, and health problems. Accomplishment
arises from reworking every one of the detrimental energies
into exertion, obligation and maturity.
fourteen: fourteen most frequently signifies about-indulgence,
recklessness, too much sexual appetites, abuse
of liberty, small-lived pursuits and Vanredno skolovanje ventures,
transitory mother nature, rolling stone Life style, not enough
nutritious restrictions, debauchery, permitting go far too shortly or
hanging on far too very long, frequent transform, impulsiveness,
scattering energies, avoidance of motivation and
instability. Results arises from reworking every one of the
adverse energies into versatility, constructive target,
specialization, and surrender of extreme sensual
16: 16 most often signifies misapplication of sexual
Electrical power, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, illicit involvements,
hurtful like interactions, solution intercourse, aloofness, distrust,
neglect, reduction, hypocrisy, superficiality, unpleasant collapse of
ego-self ideals, increase in position bringing about eventual collapse,
powerful delight, self-righteousness, secrecy and unpleasant
separations. Good results comes through integrity, and finding
knowledge by suffering and reduction.
19: 19 most often represents selfishness, dependency,
inability to check out points from Some others’ viewpoints, isolation,
greed, theft, self-relevance, habit, aggression,
intolerance, ego-centric outlook, abuse of power, disrespect
of Many others, coercion, refusal to hunt support from Other individuals, and
self-centeredness. Good results comes just after creating well balanced
self-sufficiency, but also a capacity for cooperation and
interpersonal skills.
Copyright &duplicate; 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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